VULCAM Rubber Group is a familiar company with a single shareholder who founded the three Group Companies. He has more than 40 years experience in Moulded Rubber parts.

Actually, we have more than 2600 square meters in plant. Manufacture area is 2000 m2 and the warehouse is 600 m2.

VULCAM Rubber Group exports its pieces up to 20 countries. Most of our products are dealed in Europe, but we also export to the American and African continent.

Group Companies

VULCAM Rubber Group is joined by three trademarks:

KLEIN was founded on Barcelona up to 50 years ago. it was transferred to Segovia but 15 years ago was settled back to Barcelona.

vULCAM GROUP bought Klein in 1999, including this operation is his expansion plan.

Since KLEIN was founded, it has been only focused in manufacturing extruded rubber parts nowadays it is specialized in the manufacture of radiator tubes, hoses, elbows, etc… This is the reason why its parts are assembled in automotive, motorcycles, electrical-households manufacturers production lines.

RUTER was founded on Barcelona year 1965, we celebrate our 40 anniversary in 2005.

From the beginning, the main activity has been the rubber moulded parts manufacturing, in example bellows, silentblocks, grommets, metal-rubber mountings, technical pieces, etc… all these are being assembled in automotives, motorcycles, electrical-households, manufacturers production lines

VULCAM is a company dedicated to develope, produce and distibute rubber parts to differents markets as automotive, motorcicles, industrial vehicles and electrical-households. Our parts are been assembled by the first equipment chains and the sapreparts market.

VULCAM was founded on 1998. Due to the great demand of the moulded metal-rubber parts, we create a specialized in manufacturing moulded metal-rubber parts company

VULCAM offers good an optimal quality/cost ratio with the best service, this is an efficient company which knows how to satisfy its customers. VULCAM supply without delays all that customer need, as he wants.

THE VULCAM GROUP offers the requested quality with a good price. This point is joined to a good service and this make us an efficient company which adapts to the costumer needs. VULCAM GROUP provides all that you need, when you need, as you want.


We focus in using the technical and human resources to get the customer satisfaction in design, technology, quality and cost issues, following the international quality and environmental norms. All our suppliers and customers take part in this process.

We assure all the parts that we supply are checked, since the raw material reception until we deliver them.

All the rubber mixtures are completely tested by the suppliers, as it is the main variable to provide a good quality.

The internals processes are done as iso 9001:2000 describes them. This way helps us to reach the requested customer quality.

We are trained by our partnerships and customers in the whole production process. VULCAM Rubber Group guarantees that all the parts fulfils the customer specifications.


VULCAM provides a warehouse where the customer gets a security stock to supply parts to the assembly lines.

VULCAM Rubber Group supply to the whole world market and this is the reason why we have a large catalogue parts stock. We have enough stock to supply the market requests. Our customers don’t mind their parts stock because we deliver all the parts in 24 h. in Spain since the order is done.

Our technical department is ready to help you in any new developement or project. They also can solve your questions. The quality dpt. and the plant operators guarantee that the product is according the customer specifications.

We export to up to 20 countries and this provides us the knowledge to make business with any world country. The delivery time is 15-20 days when the delivery place is out of Spain.